Happy Blogoversary!

9BeuK0uZSDAnexbwvP3ZdHXRKOoCdJ3ArjMKmFQdIcLY23OQ6G0UalNV7QS3R4TzHappy Blogoversary to us!  4Mothers turns 4 today and to mark the anniversary, we’ve updated our look.

A few weeks ago the three of us met on campus at the University of Toronto.  The lush greenery and historic buildings provided the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot by photographer Sara Beasley.

What did we learn?  That modeling is hard work!  That there is a knack to knowing how to hold your head just so, and position your body in just the right way to avoid triple chins and arm fat, but we sure did have a lot of laughs.  Our cheeks were aching by the end of the session!





For almost a year now, we have been blogging as three mothers and inviting special guests to join in for our regular theme and at issue weeks.  We said a sad farewell to one of our founding members.  We’ve been fortunate to have made our writing foursome up with such talented guest writers.  We love how they have expanded the boundaries of our conversation and our community.

We are so grateful that you have made us part of your day and of your on-line community.  We are thankful for your comments, your social media shares and likes, your word of mouth sharing and your nominations for blogging awards.  We love to write, and hearing back from you makes that process come alive in ways that keep us energized and enthusiastic about this place we call home.

We started 4Mothers with the intention of creating a corner of the blogosphere for mothers to share their feelings about motherhood, relationships, and everything in between without judgment.  Through our personal reflections on motherhood, we wanted to show how women with different opinions and “ways of doing it” could still be supportive of each other, learn from each other and feel connected with each other regardless of any differences.

We are about to start our fifth year of blogging and during this time we have never received any financial compensation for any product or event we’ve featured on 4Mothers.  We get a lot of requests to promote products and causes, and we decline a large majority of those requests.  We only feature products and events that we like on our blog or think that our readers would like to know about.  When we do promote a product, we try to do so in the way we would tell our friends about a great new discovery; it’s something we genuinely like and can recommend.  There may be a time when we decide to accept advertising or financial compensation, but the right format for that has not appeared yet.

Thanks again to all of you for keeping us going and growing.  Please continue to leave comments, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and please do say a virtual “hello.”  We love to hear from you!


Beth-Anne, Carol and Nathalie

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  1. OMG how do you hide arm fat??!! I’m in my sister’s wedding in two weeks and need to know!!!!!!

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