Theme Week: Home-learning

DSC_0795As kids we used to do a lot of driving vacations.  I have new-found respect for my parents, who travelled for days in a car with two kids and not much for them to do but look out the window.  There weren’t iPads or mini-DVD players to keep us occupied.  We’d listen to our tapes (!) with our Walkman until the batteries ran out and my poor parents would have to listen to us singing-along (more like screeching) to George Michael and Tiffany.

My dad is a history buff and would often plan our driving routes to include stopovers at particular sites of interest.

My brother was never a fan of these history lessons.  One time when at a plantation house in Virginia, my brother refused to leave the air-conditioned gift shop and tour the grounds, adamant that it was his summer vacation and he didn’t have to learn during July and August.

Contrary to my tween-aged brother’s stance on learning and summertime, I am a believer that the best learning occurs organically (with a little manipulation from the “teachers” or in this case parents), without a textbook and when kids aren’t even aware they are learning.

Our theme for this week is summertime “homeschooling”.  We’ll be sharing with you some of our favourite learning opportunities for kids and invited guest blogger, homeschooler, mother of two, Catherine Ross of Learning is Fun will join us this week.

Cathy is a passionate teacher, writer and lover of cupcakes.  Her blog features inspiring activities for kids and shows us that teaching math and science isn’t as tough as you’d think.

Let us know what you think of our at-home summertime activities by leaving a comment and joining in the conversation.


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  1. Cathy Ross’s Summer Bucket List is fantastic and offers enough easy “quiet” and “wild” options to enthuse everybody from energetic teen babysitters to headachy moms and dads, and right through to grumpy grandmas and grandpas! Grab your kids and get going before another day passes!

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