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st gI am obsessed with Elderflower.  Obsessed.  I discovered it a few years ago in a pop I found at Winners.  Do you know, I sometimes go to Winners just to shop in the crazy impulse buy aisles they have you weaving through miles of just to get to the cash register.  Seriously.  Just for that.  I find the best stuff in those aisles!  It’s where I found this elderflower pop.  It’s where my elderflower adventure began!

From a rare find at Winners to England, where elderflower pop is readily available at Tesco, and a habit was formed.  I drank a lot of it in England and brought home a bottle of elderflower cordial in my suitcase.

From elderflower softdrinks, I moved on to a discovery of elderflower liqueur.  St. Germain is available at the LCBO, and mixed with a splash of soda, it’s a little taste of heaven.

Also available at the LCBO is Rekorderlig elderflower and pear cider.  Serve very well chilled.  See above re: heaven.

Finally, a friend, aware of my passion, brought me a bottle of elderflower cordial from Ikea.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can make your own!  Recipe here from the Tree Council.

So, I’ve got several ways to find it, and now I’m working on ways to mix it.

Elderflower Bellini

A really indulgent cocktail that’s perfect for summer, is a simple mix of Prosecco and St. Germain.  Pour half an ounce of St. Germain into a champagne flute, fill with chilled Prosecco and feel the bliss.

rekorderElderflower Elvis

I made this cocktail for my Mad Mums’ Martini afternoon.  It was incredible.  At the time, I left out the beer from the original Bon Appetit recipe because I’m not a big fan of beer cocktails.  I’m thinking, though, that the Rekorderlig cider would be a delicious substitute for the beer and would amplify the elderflower flavour.

I also adapted the recipe by substituting vodka for gin and soaking segmented grapefruit in the vodka for a few hours.  I then used this flavour-infused vodka to make the cocktails and used the grapefruit for garnish.  Delish!

Virgin Elvis

Just add Elderflower cordial to pink grapefruit juice and add a splash of soda water.  Yum!

Please tell me about any other elderflower drinks you may know about!!



12 thoughts on “Elderflower Everything

  1. I’ve never heard anyone talk about ‘cordial’ unless it’s in reference to Anne of Green Gables! I didn’t even know that was still a thing!
    I’ve also never heard of the elderflower, I’ll need to look into this!

  2. I added some of that Ikea Elderflower cordial to the date/pistachio filling I made for some cookies over march break. Amazing! I think Ikea also sells and Orange Elderflower Marmalade….just sayin! Thanks for introducing me to Elderflower, yourself, a few wee months ago!!!

  3. Having been introduced to elderflower by you last summer, I went to the LCBO a few days ago intent on buying some. But once there, I couldn’t manage to convince myself to spend $50 for a bottle of St. Germain–and they were all out of the cider. Sigh.

    • $50 is steep, and I’ve never seen it in a smaller size. My big bottle lasted me over a year, though. You will have to have some with me next time you’re here!

    • Heh. Did I ever tell you about the day a friend asked, “Nathalie, do you have opinions about pens?” I do! I have *a lot* of opinions about pens! Fun obsessions.

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