Still in Summer

061School has started for us. The lunch boxes are pulled out, the paper forms flow freely, the schoolyard dramas are underway, the boys are (thankfully) excited to be back, and the teachers and parents are refreshed.

The weather has been more than nice enough for biking the 2km trek to school.  It’s a lovely way to start and end our school days.  Transition has been smooth.

Truth be known though, my heart is nowhere the school. It’s trailing behind somewhere in ravine, or maybe the garden, or even maybe the pool up the street. But settled in summer it is, without many signs of moving on.


3 thoughts on “Still in Summer

    • We found it and many others turning big rock slabs over in the ravine. actually, my 6 year old did it. I can’t believe how much weight this little person could move when motivated!

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