Fitness Trends: The Tried, The Tested and The True


Working out isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that while maybe the actual “work out” isn’t the highlight of their day, the endorphins and overall good feeling that come post sweat, definitely usurps the drudgery of the actual work.

Nathalie, Carol and I are a bit of an eclectic trio and the fitness trends that we’ve chosen to test out depict that quite accurately. Nathalie is an avid walker (and she takes the MOST STUNNING photos on her daily walks around the city – you can view them by clicking here), Carol is a yogi at heart and I like to switch it up every few months.

However, this week Nathalie tracks her progress with FitBit, Carol tests her agility by rock climbing and I take on paddle board fitness. You’re definitely going to want to follow along this week, if for nothing else, the sheer entertainment!

Our guests this week are Leigh and Meg from the popular motherhood blog, Me and Meg. Leigh and Meg blog about ups and downs of motherhood with just the right amount of snark. They are witty, humble and kick-ass at Cross Fit. This Friday we find out how they did when they traded their barbells for a barre.

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9 thoughts on “Fitness Trends: The Tried, The Tested and The True

  1. I’m a soon to be first time mom, who’s been trying to get up the energy to start that 30 minute workout routine, I’m supposed to have in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully your post will be the inspiration I need to get off my lazy prego butt lol

    • Oh enjoy! Simply enjoy the stillness of your life, creating a life and being one with yourself. Do some gentle yoga, meditate . . .in a few months your world will never be the same and you will never have these moments of calm (when it’s all about you) ever again. My advice, skip the workout and go to every restaurant you’ve wanted to try! Congratulations!

    • I find my routine and what works changes all the time. I now try to work out while my kids are doing their activities. So while one is doing karate, I do HIIT on the elliptical. I also used to run the perimeter of the soccer field when they played (in the nicer weather!).

    • That’s on my list to try. I have the Jillian Michael’s Shred workouts and I like them. I did them when the kids were in bed too and it didn’t require much space or equipment (just hand weights). What’s your regiment now?

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