Cold Laser Therapy: Is it worth the hype?

With the temperatures plummeting well below zero, and the never-ending snowfall the winter blahs have officially set in.  Not only has the cold weather negatively impacted my mood, but also it’s drying out my skin, leaving it flaky and dull.
I agree that it sounds somewhat counter-intuitive to book a cold laser facial in the dead of winter but it’s proved to be the perfect antidote.
It’s rare that I meet someone as obsessed with skin as I am.  I am a junkie when it comes to new technologies that promise both cosmetic and cellular benefits and I wear sunscreen like it’s my religion.
But then I met Jessica Biegel, co-founder of Toronto’s The Freeze Clinic.
Jessica and long-time friend Sachi have spent the better part of a decade experimenting with a variety of cutting-edge skin care treatments, from non-invasive to cosmetic surgery, to improve the overall health of their skin.
It was in Los Angeles, where according to Jessica they are years ahead of Canadian spas when it comes to skin care, that the duo discovered Cold Light Therapy.  Immediately impressed with the effects they packed up their bags and returned to Toronto . . .bringing with them Cold Light Therapy.
It’s obvious that Jessica is passionate about skin by her meticulous attention to detail when performing the treatment and her array of professional knowledge. Not surprising she has several courses in skin epidemiology and Cold Light certification to her credit.
So what exactly is Cold Light Therapy?  It’s a low level laser treatment that uses light and micro-current to activate change below the skin’s surface.  That is why even though results are immediate it’s a few days after the treatment that the real affects can be seen.
The treatment that lasts just over an hour begins with skin resurfacing using diamond-tip microdermabrasion.  The diamond-tip is gentler than the traditionally used crystal-tip and prepares the skin for the laser therapies.  The actual laser therapy is customized to correct specific skin concerns like collagen and texture, acne and Rosacea, puffiness and overall complexion.  The cold lasers, as the name implies, do not feel hot on the skin and the duration of the treatment is incredibly relaxing.  Lastly, a cooling mask and moisturizer is then applied for overall hydration.
After my treatment I really was amazed at how soft my skin felt and how much it glowed but it wasn’t until three days later when I looked in the mirror that I was really impressed by how vibrant it looked.  The Before and Afters on The Freeze Clinic website are astounding – some look as though they have had injectibles such as Botox, but it’s Jessica’s photos (below) that are the most impressive and demonstrate how transformative the process really is.  Gone are her sunspots, acne, broken blood vessels, dark under-eye bags, and enlarged pores.
The Freeze Clinic gets it right with their tag line, “It’s like freezing time for your skin”.
I will definitely be returning.
Visit The Freeze Clinic at 2479 Yonge Street (416-92502855) or 808 Danforth Avenue (647-700-5880), or the check their website for more information.
Full disclosure: The Freeze Clinic treated me to my first facial, but I will be back spending my own dollars.