March is all about DIY

Did your March come in like a lion?  It was a balmy -5 here, but activity-wise, mine was a lion.  Wall-to-wall activity all weekend.  Since the end of hockey season is on the horizon, however, I have a feeling that it will go out much more like a lamb.  A girl can dream.

What to do with all that extra time?!

Well, this month, we’re rounding up some great ideas for DIY.  Doing it yourself is becoming more and more popular.  Decorating, urban homesteading, home crafting, unscheduling; we’ve got a taste of all things DIY.

We’ll have a round-up of fun things to do in the city with kids if you are planning a staycation for March Break (sans camps).  We’ll have a week of posts about DIY with and for the kids.  And we’ll be discussing the pros and cons, the pleasures and perils, of DIY culture.

The video below is definitely one great success story about doing it yourself: Tree Change Dolls is the brain child of Sonia Singh, who found that the style of dolls available to girls was too artificial.  She took matters into her own hands, and decided to do something about it.  She finds discarded or second hand dolls and upcycles them by giving them a second chance with a make-under.  She scrubs off their make-up and restores them to a much more natural beauty.

tree change

And here she is describing how Tree Change Dolls began.


You can find Tree Change Dolls on facebook and Tumblr.





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  1. I always hated the look of Bratz dolls, never really understood them. This revamping is simply beautiful. Their faces are so innocent, as they should be. Thanks so much for sharing. Love your blog!

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