Tickle Your Funny Bone!

I just spent a four-hour flight re-reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I laughed out loud and it felt great. I felt great.

There is considerable scientific proof that laughing actually increases hormones that alleviate depression and help boost immunity while simultaneously decreasing cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. In fact, this study by the American Physiological Society says that even anticipating a laugh can decrease our stress hormones. This is probably why just being in the company of some of my quick-witted friends that I feel more relaxed and overall happiness.

I discovered there is such a thing as laughter yoga where instructors facilitate laughter workshops and participants learn deep breathing and stretching while busting a gut! The pictures alone make me want to try it and the benefits touted are impressive: increased energy levels, decreased stress, increased motivation, and better problem-solving abilities, to name a few.

This month we are dedicated to making you chuckle, giggle, snicker and hopefully even elicit a howl or two with a line-up of posts including a some science-y humour, a curated list of funnies circulating the Blogosphere and a week of back-to-back posts that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Maybe because it’s spring which tends to connote re-birth or the fact that my nephew is scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks, but babies has been on my brain. I will be sharing some of my favourite nursery artwork courtesy of Minted and posting images to Instagram from the DIY baby shower I helped to plan.  If you’re not already following us, you’re missing out.  Last week Nathalie shared some great finds from the One of a Kind Show and the snaps of her daily walks really are stunning.

We didn’t forget about moms! Be sure to bookmark our round up of Mother’s Day gifts on April 17th that include everything from luxe goods to the simple and sweet.

Before signing off, It seems only fitting that I share my middlest’s favourite joke on this, his 7th birthday.

Happy birthday Cakes . . . I love you soooooo much, to bits and pieces.


2 thoughts on “Tickle Your Funny Bone!

  1. Totally agree – can always use a good belly laugh !
    Big Hugs and wishes to the Birthday Boy.
    Enjoy your special day Sam.

  2. Great post! I love a good chuckle. On the weekends my husband and I love nothing better than to watch a good comedy and laugh away the stress of the week. My kids are a comedic geniuses too (they just don’t know it!)

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