Funny Things My Kids Said: Holiday Edition

Nathalie: No more screen time today, guys.

Middlest‎: But I haven’t had any screen time.

Nathalie: What do call all that time playing the Wii games you got for Christmas?

Middlest: That’s not screen time. That’s gift using.


Nathalie: Can you plan something fun to do with your cousins when they come over?

Eldest: Does eating count?


Nathalie: Someone has to finish the blueberries.

Eldest: I volunteer as tribute!


Littlest: Can I sit in your seat for dinner?

Nathalie: What’s so special about my seat?  Why do you guys fight over it?

Middlest: It’s got mummy love.


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Passover Holiday weekend.


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5 thoughts on “Funny Things My Kids Said: Holiday Edition

  1. Here’s one for you: While swimming in the pool at the hotel my youngest swam by a “handsy” couple and said (in his LOUD voice): You’re not allowed to touch other people’s privates!

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