Guest Post: Lisa Olafson of Dirty Dishes

meet_new02To round off our month on humour, we are pleased to introduce the talented Lisa Olafson, singer, actor, clown and mother of two kids. Her infectious humour and high energy are known to everyone around her, and her band Dirty Dishes is on the cusp of releasing their third CD of country/bluegrass/gospel music – check it out!

Lisa Olafson on herself:

Loving my kids is easy. Looking after them day in day out has been made bearable by the fact that I am in a band. I sing three part harmony with a couple of amazingly talented funny women who have basically become my social life since child rearing started. We play, sing, laugh and eat in various orders of that on each rehearsal/gig. I truly could not have made it through the past 7 years if I didn’t have Dirty Dishes in my life and I can honestly say I don’t think my kids would have made it through either….

Lisa Olafson on humour:

It’s never funny when someone says: be funny. That’s the first thing that you learn in clown class. Yup, I’ve taken my fair share of clown workshops and have been really not funny! What we learn is, by standing on stage, and just looking out, waiting patiently and honestly (with a clown nose on) something funny happens. It just does. Whether you’re so nervous you start to hum, or so scared you start to cry, the honesty of your emotions with a clown nose on, it’s just funny. I’m not talking about laughing at people here, just the truth of human frailty. It’s a challenging and beautiful place to be in as well as to watch.

When I thought about what makes me laugh, it’s definitely not the fart jokes that my kids are into now, although my husband finds them funny. No, when I thought about me laughing, it actually made me realize that motherhood hasn’t tickled my funny bone. I used to laugh, but it’s hard to laugh with to-do lists running through my head, kids’ fights to break up or whining to endure. It’s often hard for me to find the laughter these days.

However, when we get the chance and one of my oldest best buds, Suzette, comes over with her kid for a play date, at a certain point in the conversation, after all the updating and complaining and comparing is done, we end up laughing. Laughing so hard our bellies ache.

It’s always been this way with her. She’s a clown, you know. She was in Cirque du Soleil. She is truly a clown. In true clown fashion, we always end up laughing at ourselves and our foibles. How ridiculous this whole child rearing thing is and how we make things so hard on ourselves. We laugh until tears roll down our cheeks and our bellies hurt.

Not fart jokes, but the clown enduring the human condition. That’s what makes me laugh. And what makes me happy is having a friend to share that with.

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