Family History


I just finished reading Boston Girl by Anita Diamant and now find myself deep into Between Gods by Alison Pick. Both books have much in common: Judiasm, harrowing war stories and gutsy women trying to make sense of their personal unrest; albeit Diamant’s story is a fictional novel whereas Pick’s is a revealing memoir.

What I find most compelling, perhaps because I’m an junkie, is that both books tell a family’s history.

The theme for this month is exactly that – Family History. We will be delving into our pasts, exploring connections between then and now, and sharing tips for unearthing and organizing your own family history.

Dads play a central role in the family, and we’re grateful for the loving fathers in our lives. To honour these men, we will publish our annual Father’s Day Gift Guide that you will want to bookmark for next month’s celebration.

We are finally seeing the signs of spring! After a grueling winter with record-breaking stretches of extreme cold weather, we are thankful for the blossoms and buds. Nathalie takes beautiful photos on her daily walk that remind us to be mindful of the little joys in life. To see her pictures, follow us on Instagram.