How To Preserve Photographs

photography-149174_640On Tuesday, I wrote about preserving my family’s history. I spent countless hours creating a book using the bookmaking website, Blurb. Creating books isn’t for everyone. They are time consuming and don’t solve the problem of the boxes and boxes of loose photographs. I have such a box and I asked BLACKS for the best way to safeguard them. They sent me over their Platinum Shoebox.

It’s a genius service that saves you time and protects your irreplaceable photos.

Here’s how it works:

I send them my loose 300 prints (or 300 mounted slides or 300 negatives) and they send me back all of my prints in their original condition, a USB flash drive with all digital images of all the prints, a soft cover proof book, and hard cover Premium Layflat matte photo book.

In a few weeks, my photos will be organized and carefully arranged for my boys to view and enjoy for years to come.

But . . . I have to admit there is a part of me that’s apprehensive about putting my entire collection of old photos into the hands of stranger. It’s like putting your passport in the mail. I mustn’t let my mind wander the realm of possibilities . . .


2 thoughts on “How To Preserve Photographs

  1. I love Blurb and do year books for the billions of photos i take of my girls. I had no idea they offered this additional service though. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing !

    • Hi Mrs Smith’s Musings, Blurb is so wonderful for book creation (among many other things) but the Platinum Shoebox is from BLACKS. Check them out. Very helpful service 🙂

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