Vampire Campfire: Live Comedy and Improv Means Summer Fun for Kids (and Adults!)


If you’re looking for fun events with the kids this summer, you must go see The Second City‘s Vampire Campfire. Nathalie and I were invited to check it out with our kids and it was a total hit.  There is lots of singing and dancing, and children are invited to participate in various ways, not least of which is shouting out ideas that the five actors then employ in their show.  A lucky couple are invited onto the stage. Humour rules the day, and I’m not too proud to tell you that I’m pretty sure I was laughing louder than any young person there.

The plot: when lackluster monster children are disappointingly unscary, their baffled/disappointed parents send them to remedial Camp Boo. Friendships form, and the bonds between the mini-monsters help them defeat an evil plot to cut down all the trees in the camp, surrounding areas, and the world!  Camp Boo helps the monsters find a way to scare on their own terms, and the monster children grow into the unique creepies there were always meant to be.

The Second City‘s set-up is perfect for kids.  It’s a small and intimate theatre with no bad seats in the house. You are close enough that you can see all facial expressions and hear everything without mikes. Also, in what I consider appropriate respect to 4 Mother’s dedication to food this month, you can order food at The Second City while watching the show and take a break from the hot summer kitchen!

Nathalie and I attended with kids aged almost 4 to 10 and runs about an hour. The youngest of our group was a bit young to understand what was happening although he listened and watched all the live action.  The other kids loved it, my older two keep asking to go back!  It’s not such a crazy thought, since all the shows would be different depending on what feedback the improv actors get from the audience. Also, with family four packs at $45, the show does not break the budget, and you might luck into a discount coupon (I found one in our kids’ summer packs from school).

Vampire Campfire also opened our eyes to something we don’t see very often: good improv. When I told my husband about it, I mentioned the classes and camps they offer for kids (they also have classes for adults). He immediately suggested it for the (biggest) little joker in our family.  Who knows what his potential for fun might be if he were surrounded with other funny kids instead of me?

In the “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” vein of things, I have to say that this was an event that I truly enjoyed bringing my kids too – it was a real pleasure. If you want to treat your kids to some live, funny entertainment that will have you laughing right along, Vampire Campfire is the way to go for easy summer fun.

Photographs courtesy of Nathalie

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