Food Talk in the Summer


Me:  Wow.  On these hot summer nights, I really don’t feel like cooking.

Son:  Well, I really feel like eating.

(Thank goodness for grandmothers. My mom prepared this Chinese steamboat dinner for my boys. They ate and ate and ate. You think maybe then they don’t need to eat tomorrow?)


11 thoughts on “Food Talk in the Summer

    • What a fun idea! I will ask her. She uses a special pot/cooker for steamboat but maybe there’s a more accessible DIY option. My kids *love* this, both the cooking and eating of piles of food. Thanks for planting the blog post seed, Roseanne.

    • Usually I like to eat square meals, but in these non-cooking moods, I would happily subsist on whatever is around. It’s too hot to be hungry. Unless you’re 9, that is. Then you look at your mother with disappointment when she serves you more apples and cheese.

  1. My family is a huge fan of Chinese food but we ended up moving to an area that has no good Chinese food places… maybe I will have to start doing this because that looks DELICIOUS

      • Thank you! Not sure how this is going to go as I don’t know anyone who would read what I write HAHAHA!
        I will be looking for the post on this… especially now that I am craving Chinese Food!

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