Having a baby? Going to a baby shower? We’ve got the latest in baby gear!

It’s safe to say that the three mothers are past the stage of babies, diapers and midnight feedings but we know that not all of our readers are. We’ve relied on our own experiences and we’ve tapped some 4th mothers to weigh-in and give us their opinion on some of the newest baby gear to hit the stores. If you boxed up the binkies a long time ago, you will still want to bookmark this round-up of baby gear, because we never outgrow attending baby showers!

BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini

Bouncers are a must for new moms. In fact, when asked for my advice about bouncers, I say with enthusiasm “get one for each floor!” This new, mini version of the classic BABYBJÖRN bouncer is ergonomically designed for newborns to 6 months and adjusts into two positions – one for play and one for rest. The baby’s natural movement rocks the seat, gently stimulating and soothing the infant without the need for batteries or remote controls. The sleek, simple design is a welcome addition to any living room and the detachable legs score points for easy storage. While the suggested price tag of $159.95 may seem on higher end, you’ll save on batteries and the timeless design ensures Baby #2 will enjoy its comforts in the years to come. Worth the splurge!


My nephew was the official tester and this is what his mom had to say:

“The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini is one of our most used baby items. I love the fact that Henry can bounce it himself, it’s easy to clean and you can’t beat the way it looks.”

Shaidee and Shaidee Bug

Have you ever put a blanket over your baby while toting them in a carrier to keep the sun off their bare arms, legs and tiny head? Guilty! Shaidee and Shaidee Bug is a cooler and more comfortable way to shade your baby from the sun and wind. Its lightweight design is compatible with most carriers and is easy to clean. Priced less than most blankets (including free shipping!), the Shaidee is an ideal gift for outdoor-loving parents-to-be.



Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Smart Connect Cradle ‘n Swing

For the tech-savvy parents this swing is the crème de la crème of baby gear. Fisher-Price, a heavy weight in the baby game for generations, has launched the 21st century version of their much-loved swing. Two rocking motions, six swing speeds and 19 sounds that sooth baby all with the touch of a button from your smartphone or tablet! How genius is that?

4-in-1 Smart Connect™ Cradle ‘n Swing

Anita Nursing Bras

We recently got to check out a great line of Canadian lingerie, and the variety for nursing mothers means that they can get great bras, too!  Anita lingerie is a 100% family-owned company dedicated to bring high-quality, well-made undergarments and swimwear to women. Each line, from sport to maternity, is available in a wide-range of sizes (larger bust sizes rejoice!) but it’s the design detail that’s truly standout. New moms need a supportive nursing bra, but the fourth trimester is synonymous with feeling less than your best. Anita’s line of maternity and nursing bras are available in every combination imaginable from seamless and wireless (great for under a t-shirt) to ultra-feminine lace. 



Never Grow Up

There’s a new babywear shop on the block, and it’s as cute as a button!  Never Grow Up is an established babywear store in Oakville, and it has just opened up a new store at 1725 Bayview Avenue in Toronto.  It’s full of adorable, fun and funky clothes from newborn to 10.  There is a variety of designers, from both near and far, and the styles range from cutsie cute to cutting edge.  The staff are super friendly and helpful, and who can resist all that tiny fashion?!

How smart is this?! A pacifier clip, built right in.

How smart is this?! A pacifier clip, built right in.

For your little sleeping bear cub, a sleeping sack that ties at the bottom to keep him safe and snug.

For your little sleeping bear cub, a sleeping sack that ties at the bottom to keep him safe and snug.

*Full disclosure: My little nephew benefitted from the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini and he loves it! We received no financial compensation from any of the other companies/products mentioned above. Not that we’re opposed to making a few dollars 😉 Be assured that all opinions expressed are our own.


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  1. Great suggestions! I also recommend having a bouncer for each floor – I got sick of dragging the one we had up and down the stairs every day, so I bought a second. I wish I would have learned about the lingerie sooner – I’m at the end of my breastfeeding journey and would have enjoyed some nicer bras. Next time. Great post!

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