Spring, where are you?

nice-275922_640I know that spring has officially sprung and this past long weekend marked the unofficial start of summer, but these less than kind temperatures have many of us in this neck of the woods wondering: when will we be done with wintery weather and frost warnings?


A Wordy Wednesday

beach-837265_640Say what you will, but I really enjoy The Oprah Magazine.  I find the articles to be well written, thought provoking and the content balanced by just the right amount of fluff.

The November 2013 issue contains the 12-page spread, Solving Life’s Mysteries, Great and Small!  A team of experts weigh-in with their sometimes witty but often insightful “solutions” to some of life’s challenges.

I wanted to share with you two that made me stop, think and re-evaluate.

How To Manage Expectations:

A friend had an Indian guru who was the embodiment of love, and the guru died.  Bereft, my friend went back to India and stayed with the guru’s principal disciple, and one day the disciple said, “Do you want to see the precious thing the guru left me?”  Then he pulled out something wrapped in an old Indian cloth and ceremoniously uncovered a beaten-up pot.  He said, “Do you see it?” My friend answered, “No. What are you trying to tell me?”  And with a mad glint in his eye, the disciple said, “You don’t have to shine!”

By: Mark Epstein, MD, is a psychiatrist and author of The Trauma of Everyday Life.

What’s the Magic Formula for Raising a Happy, Successful Kid?

People are so hungry to know how to let their kids flower.  But your child’s “self” isn’t in hiding, waiting for you to flush it out.  It’s constantly evolving, and your job is just to pay attention. . . . It’s hard to let your child grow when you’ve stopped growing.  Don’t mold her into the adult you’d like her to be.  Work on being that adult yourself.

By:  Madeline Levine, PhD., Psychologist and the author of Teach Your Children Well.

Do you have any solutions for everyday life challenges?  Has anyone ever said something to you and it’s changed how you look at a situation?