Beth-Anne Jones

I wrote these:

The Globe and Mail – “We Don’t Know What To Name Our Third Son” by Beth-Anne Jones

The Yummy Mummy Club – “Sometimes a Decision Can Be Very Waxing” by Beth-Anne Jones

The Yummy Mummy Club – “Granny Panties” by Beth-Anne Jones

Viva Magazine Weight-Loss 2014 – “Mommy Tummy” by Beth-Anne Jones

Today’s Parent February 2015 – “Bedford Park” by Beth-Anne Jones

I was quoted in these:

Canadian Family “Creating a Birth Plan” by Nancy Ripton

Canadian Family – “5 Ways to Stimulate Early Learning in Your Toddler” by Nancy Ripton

The Globe and Mail -“One More Reason Your Kids Should Eat Breakfast” by Catherine McLean

Nathalie Foy

I also blog at:

Nathalie Foy on Books about Books

I wrote these:

So Spoke the Earth: A Haiti Anthology Ed. M.J. Fievre – “Haiti, A Love Letter to Place and Memory”

The Globe and Mail – “Nightmare on Squirrel Street”

Today’s Parent September 2011 – “Teaching Griffin to Knit”

Hip Mama Magazine Issue # 47: The Body Issue – “Salt and Pepper Mama”

The Yummy Mummy Club – “For the Love of Books

I was quoted in these:

The Globe and Mail“Why The Tyranny of ‘Everything in Moderation’ Sets Us Up to Fail” by Erin Anderssen

The Toronto Star – “The Hidden Agenda of Bedtime Stories” by Andrea Gordon

Carol Chandran

Editorial Team Member, The Artful Year:  Autumn by Jean Van’t Hul

Featured in Playtime by Carla Reid and Franny Plumridge


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