Wonderful Weleda

One of the perks consequences of writing a blog that gets read is that people and companies sometimes offer to send us their goods for possible review.  The vast majority of the time, we turn these down.  But occasionally we’re interested enough to say yes and will take a look.  And when those products are great, we have to share them with you.

Enter Weleda baby products.  We were sent some lovelies from this company, whose mission is “to actively cultivate beauty”.  This means sustainably growing their own ingredients through biodynamic farming (a trademarked process) and developing fair trade partnerships.  Their natural and organic products are made without synthetic preservatives, fragrances, chemicals “or anything”.

What does this mean on the consumer end?  I hereby testify that it means gentle, effective products that are ideally suited for young skin.  (Weleda also has an adult line, which I plan to try soon.)  And as someone with a nose that dislikes synthetic fragrances, the delicate and natural calendula scent in Weleda’s baby products was a surprising pleasure to me.

I’ve tried the Calendula Baby Lotion and the Calendula Baby Cream.  The former is light and absorbs easily, and is good for daily use.  It slides on easily and leaves little trace.  I like it very well, but the Calendula Baby Cream is my favourite.  It’s rich and luxurious, and perfect to soothe and repair your little one’s dry skin.  It’s much heavier than the lotion, so I like to use it at night before bed, where I’m sure it will have plenty of uninterrupted time to do its work.   It really is wonderful, and I’m often tempted to use it on myself.

We were also sent a tube of the Calendula Diaper Care cream.  My boys rarely have diaper rash, but my baby did recently have an odd and persistent rash that was localized in two spots.  Several applications of the Weleda diaper cream helped to gently dry out the rash, but it didn’t heal it altogether.  To be fair, neither did a strong, traditional zinc oxide cream do the trick either.  A trip to the pediatrician revealed that baby had a yeast infection so that’s why the cream wasn’t entirely effective.  But for regular rashes, I think the diaper care cream would be great.

As with most products that are made organically and with sustainable practices, Weleda products cost more than conventional products.  But they’re worth it.  And as the woman at the store told me, “You can spend a lot more money on baby products than you will on Weleda, but you won’t find anything better.”