Aveda Facials: A Treat for the Senses

One of the things I love about Aveda salons is the marvellous array of fragrances that waft through the space.  I can’t get enough of their Shampure products, their candles and their essential oils.  The massage that I get with my hair cuts at Civello on Queen Street is a highlight of the experience because I love the essential oils the stylists use for the head and shoulder massage before they begin the hair cut.  Until last week, though, I had never experienced an Aveda facial.

My facial began with a cup of Aveda tea (more great aromas) and a clipboard.  There was a three-page form to fill out that covered my skincare routines, my general health and my concerns.  Very thorough.  It also asked about previous experiences with facials and asked for positive and negative aspects of those experiences.  I particularly appreciated that detail, because it felt like this would be a step in an on-going process, and that the salon wanted my experience to be optimal.  It was!


After I sipped my tea and filled out the form, my aesthetician took me into the treatment room and began with a consultation.  She went over the form and asked some follow-up questions, and then she began the treatment with a sensory journey: I closed my eyes and smelled a variety of Aveda’s Pure-Fume flower and plant essences.  Bliss.  I chose two fragrances that would be used during the treatment, and then got undressed and onto the treatment table.  The room was dimly lit, the table warmed from head to toe, and new age music piped into the room blocked out the sounds from the salon below and the street outside.

The opening ritual of the facial included a quick and soothing massage from scalp to shoulders to arms to feet.   Then she put a hot towel on my face, infused with the fragrance I had chosen, and then cleansed and exfoliated my skin.  The exfoliation is the Aveda version of microdermabrasion, and was gentle but thorough.

Once I was cleansed and scrubbed, the aesthetician covered my eyes with an eye mask and examined my skin under bright light to determine the refinement, massage and treatment options to follow.  While the toner, mask and moisturizing treatments sat on my skin, I got arm and shoulder massages, a wonderful complement to the focus on the face.

Finally, the closing ritual included a gentle stretch and an application of peppermint oil to my back for an uplifting and energizing finish.

My whole body felt refreshed after the facial, and my skin felt smooth, plumped and oh so soft.  I have sensitive skin, but I did not have any reactions to the fragrances in the products.  On the contrary, they were a highlight of the experience.  The products are all plant-based and I really felt like I had done my skin a great service in this multi-step pampering.

One of the best things about my facial is that it was free, and yours could be too!  Every year, Civello salons have a promotion: the amount of money you put on a salon gift card, Civello will match and put on a spa gift card.  Since I know that I will spend a certain amount each year on hair cuts, I get that dollar amount free to spend in the salon.  Until now, I had spent that money on manicures, but I loved this facial so much that I’ll be back for more.