Blogosphere Round-Up!

We here at 4mothers1blog like blogs. We like other people’s blogs just about as much as we like our own, which is to say, a whole lot. Here are five posts we think you should be reading:

“God, I love it when your breath smells like Gaviscon” — Porn for Pregnant Ladies (from Pregnant Chicken)

“I get to wear those?!” C.J. said smiling.
“ALL OF THEM?!” he squealed looking at the tub of about 100 pink lost and found ballet shoes.
“No, silly, just two, you only have two feet.” – “My Son, the Dancer” (from Raising My Rainbow)

This post is a couple of years old now, but it about sums it up. Ten Things I Hate About Motherhood (And One That I Love) (from Her Bad Mother)

The Hidden Mother — a practice in photography of old. To ensure that a young child didn’t move during the long exposure, the mother held the child tightly; all the while, she was hidden by a blanket, not being the obvious subject of the photo. Worth a look ( via A Cup of Jo and Retronaut)

And because it’s a new year: well, hello!

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.


Why I Read Blogs

I love reading blogs.  All day long, it seems, I could read blog posts, except that I force myself to pry my eyes free from the screen in order to live my life too.  Having only discovered them about three years ago, why do I love the blogging world so?  A bunch of reasons:

1.  Blogs are accessible.

Blog posts are short, usually.  And easy to read.  And always available with the flip of a switch (provided you have Internet access).

There once was a time when I read almost exclusively fiction.  No more.  I now read almost exclusively non-fiction, usually for information, sometimes for pleasure.  I have to read a lot for work, and it’s not much fun and uses up a lot of my daily word intake.  So what’s left needs to be available and easy to read.  Blog posts are easy to read.

2.  Blogs offer like-minded community

At lunch today, I passed a packed and boisterous work lunchroom, as I often do, to retreat into my own office and eat my lunch alone, quietly, behind closed doors and in front of some blogs.  I’m not sure this is a good choice because there is something indisputable about the importance of real live people, but I often make it.

My work colleagues are perfectly nice, but I can’t call most of them my friends, and often the lunch banter doesn’t interest me.  I don’t watch the shows they’re talking about, I don’t go to the stores they go to, I don’t buy the products they find exciting.  We just don’t have that much in common.

On one particularly unfortunate day, I ventured into the lunch crowd to discover the topic of conversation was how to evade rape.  Not that this isn’t a subject of importance, but I had to get up and leave.  It’s hard to try again when I know with the right URL I will be able to read about people who are pursuing things I’m interested in, read uplifting things, and find places where I’ll feel less like a square peg.

3.  Blogs are chock full of ideas.

Ideas about parenting (whatever version you favour), sustainable living, craftiness – you name it.  You can learn and learn and learn.

4.  Blogs are democratic.

Anyone can write one.  There is so much more access to ideas and vantage points that aren’t mainstream.

5.  Blogs are personal.

At least the ones I like to read are.  I want to hear about the inner machinations of the working/stay-at-home/somewhere in between mom.  The one who is into homesteading and the one who is trying to be a little kinder to her kids.  People out there, on a regular basis, are writing down some very personal writing, and letting me in on it.  Wow.

6.  Blogs can move and inspire.

Related to point 5.  The blog posts that do this the most for me aren’t the ones that exhort me to some loftier level of living, but the ones that offer a window into the lives of people who are living as graciously as they can with the imperfect circumstances they find themselves in.  I am often amazed at the level of intimacy that can be shared through the unlikely medium of the world wide web.  Here are a few random blog posts that come to mind when I think about this:

Have you read any blog posts that stand out for you?

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