Check Your Calendar!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I live my life according to lists and calendars.  My desktop, my computer, my car dashboard, my bedside table, my Iphone are all littered with lists.  Lists of things to do today, tomorrow, this year. Lists of how to improve myself, things to sign the kids up for, improvements for the house.  I LOVE lists almost as much as I LOVE calendars.

I have various versions of my calendar available at my fingertips regardless of where I am.  I have digital copies on my phone and my laptop.  Few things excite me as much as a fresh, old-school, paper and pen day timer.  It’s a sure-bet Christmas gift!

I stumbled across this Dry Erase Calendar Wall Decal ($35 USD)from PBTeen on one of my favourite home sites, Remodelista.

What I find so appealing about this calendar is that kids can have a visual of their week’s programs and play dates.  It is a great way to encourage accountability while giving the wall a punch of colour.

*For younger children, drawing pictures or symbols of their activities can prepare them for the week to come.