Oh Christmas Tree of Books

A friend of mine posted this picture of a Christmas tree made entirely of books on Facebook today:

I don’t know where it came from, or who took it, or who is responsible for building it. I just think it’s awesome.  After seeing this on her page, my curiosity was piqued: after searching for “Christmas Tree made out of books” on Google, I found this:

It’s a book tree in the Library of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland.  Made up of nearly 1600 books, the creators even offer a short online video tutorial, for those who want to try this at home.  Oh, and the books they used? Primarily George Orwell’s 1984, and Joseph Heller’s Picture This. Someone in Poland has a sense of humour.

Apparently, making Christmas trees out of books is the decorating trend of 2011. What with the economy as bad as it is, people are using common household objects to decorate their spaces for the holidays, rather than spending a bundle on pre-made Christmas decorations — at least, that’s the explanation that I’ve read for why suddenly Book Christmas Trees are everywhere this year.   If you or someone you know has built a Christmas tree out of books, let us know.


Before and After

Here are two photos of the same Christmas tree. Can you spot the differences between the two photos?



Our 13-month old nephew William is visiting from California with his parents this Christmas. It’s been a while since we’ve had a toddler around and we’ve forgotten how fascinating Christmas tree ornaments are to little ones. Luckily, we remembered to put only plastic ornaments on the bottom of the tree!