Wordless Wednesday: November 1st, East Lynn Park Pumpkin Parade


Grade-Eh Goodness

Part of the joy of living in a new neighbourhood comes from discovering new shops, artists and people to get to know and support. Last weekend, the boys and I visited the Danforth East Arts Fair, an annual event at Toronto’s East Lynn Park showcasing local artists.

I left totally smitten with Sara Deacon (of Grade-Eh Design)’s adorable handmade applique pillows, aprons, wall art and other housewares.  Made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and felt made from recycled pop bottles, Sara’s designs feature such iconic Canadian images as moose antlers, beavers, and that most Canadian of questions: “Eh?”.

Unfortunately, as I had two boys in tow (who were more interested in figuring out which artist was giving away free candy) I left the fair empty-handed, but I’m absolutely certain there’s a pillow with a canoe on it in my future. You can check out Sara’s handiwork online on her website.