FUN Brought to You by LUSH Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is one of my all-time favourite stores.  I am a huge fan of their fragrances, a devotee of their bath bombs, and I could spend all day inhaling the air in their stores.  Lately, when we have gone on long drives, I have gone out to buy bath bombs to put in the car to make it smell great while we are on the road.  When we reach our destination, we all have the treat of our own bath bomb to use, and the place we’re staying smells great, too.  I am also in awe of their marketing and branding.  One thing they do extremely well is to inform the customer about their product.  Check out this video about the rose harvest for their perfumes.  And this story about the origin of their perfume Imogen Rose, created for the owner’s daughter.  You would not think that words would sell a fragrance, but reading the stories about each perfume in their line only makes me want them more.  I mean, come on, who can refuse a perfume called The Smell of Weather Turning?

Needless to say, when 4mothers received an invitation to attend a lauch of new products at the Queen Street Lush, no one had to twist my rubber arm.  And I am so glad I went because I found the perfect stocking stuffer gifts for kids.

Lush recently launched a new product for kids called Fun.  It is four products in one: it’s modeling dough, it’s soap, it’s shampoo and it’s bubble bath.  The kids make their creations then take them into the bath to scrub up from head to toe.  It comes in a rainbow of colours, each with its own fragrance, and it is serious FUN.

The best part is that a percentage of global sales goes to a charity in Japan.  The nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima last year left whole residential areas contaminated (and children unable to play outside).  Donations from the sale of FUN will go to local charities in Japan working towards giving children safe places to play in Fukushima.

Win win win.


Canadian Ski Council Ski Pass is back!

Just got word that the Canadian Ski Council will be running their very popular Ski Pass™ program again this winter. For just $29.95 — the cost of processing and delivery of your child’s pass —  your grade four or five student can ski or snowboard up to three times each at one of 150 participating ski centres across Canada. Otherwise, the pass is free!

If you’ve got a child born in either of 2002 or 2003 (currently enrolled in grade 5 or 4) and are a Canadian resident, all you have to do to take advantage of this fantastic offer is to visit the Canadian Ski Council website. To get immediate online access, you’ll need a digital photo of your child as well as digital proof of age or enrollment in grade four or five in a Canadian school. If you don’t have the required information at your fingertips, you can download an application from the website.

Snow Pass season starts December 1st and is valid for the entire 2012 – 2013 ski season. Visit the Canadian Ski Council website for more information. Happy skiing!

Friday Fun: Caine’s Arcade

Have you seen this yet? Nine year old Caine Monroy spent last summer built a fully-functioning cardboard arcade inside his father’s autobody shop in Los Angeles, California. In October of last year, a whole bunch of new friends showed up to play:

Go Caine! Kudos to filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, too. “I felt proud”, indeed.


My name is Marcelle, and I’m a Pinterest junkie.

It wasn’t always this way. As an inveterate web surfer, I’ve collected a prodigious number of internet bookmarks on three different computers. I bookmark everything, from recipes to Christmas crafts* to websites featuring the most perfect apartments ever. I have 25 pages of favourite shops on Etsy. I can spend hours “decorating” my next house. But because my bookmarks are spread over three computers and seven years, when I want to find something — that perfect recipe for meatloaf, for example — I have to search around, inevitably forgetting what I was looking for in the process.

Enter Pinterest. Pinterest is described as a online pinboard — a place to keep track of all those cool things you find while surfing the net, and  to see what others people like as well. Other people can repin your favourites on their own boards and comment on items you’ve pinned.  Part planning tool, part social media site, Pinterest lets me indulge in my compulsive need to categorize, file and save, and it’s fun, too. Time Magazine named it one of the best websites of 2011.   I’ve seen people use these virtual pin boards to keep track of favourite books and music, coordinate book clubs and plan special events such as weddings.

The best part of Pinterest is looking around at other people’s “pins” — things other people find interesting. But that’s because I’m nosy, um, I mean, curious.

And without Pinterest, I’d never know about this, which a friend of mine pinned: