Live Day To Day – a continuation of Mothering Through Adversity

A continuation from Mothering Through Adversity . . .

Marina and her husband, Robin, have experienced many emotional ups and downs during their son, first year of life.  After receiving a diagnosis of Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, Niklas has undergone numerous diagnostic tests and surgeries.

Marina remains optimistic about her son’s future and is the first to admit that there is always something far more serious her family could be dealing with.

“Things fall into perspective quickly.” Marina says when recalling the numerous young faces she sees in the waiting rooms of SickKids Hospital.   The common cold or minor illnesses seem more like inconveniences than anything else.

When asked about how this past year has affected her family, Marina admits that she initially overcompensated as Niklas’s mother until Robin stepped in and very matter-of-factly reminded her that Niklas doesn’t need her pity.

It’s not always easy learning to undo maternal instincts but Marina has found lots of support among an on-line community of bloggers.  Marina describes feeling a sense of connectedness reading real stories of families just like hers and not focusing on the gory images and tragic stories that flood her screen when she Googles Niklas’s condition.

“We all handle it differently.  I cry sometimes.  The girls (her two daughters) act out sometimes.  Robin is pragmatic and stays away from the Internet.” Marina answers when I ask her about the stress associated with a family members diagnosis.

But her on-line community has empowered her with research and anecdotes that prove to be effective munition when she joins forces with Niklas’s doctors and the same bloggers who offer advice on tissue expansion also permit her to let go of the stress and anxiety that she is carrying with her.

“Live day to day and don’t let it control you.  It will control your life if you let it.”  That is the message that Marina wants to send to other parents dealing with a child’s illness.

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