At Issue Week: Kids and Manners

hands-769648_640“Good manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred.” Bryant H. McGill, Human Rights Activist

I feel like manners are a bit a like taste – everyone thinks what they have is good.  But in truth it’s much easier to overlook someone’s haircut, wallpaper choice or favourite movie, than it is to see past boorish behaviour, stingy thank yous and open-mouthed chewing.

It only takes walking out your front door or inviting the neighbourhood children in, and maybe a look at your own children (ugh, dinner time!) to realize that good manners are scarce.

Stacey Altamirano, a mom, wife and author of her eponymous blog wrote 25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9 in June 2011.  It clearly struck a nerve because nearly three years later it continues to make the rounds on the web.

Where have all the manners gone?  Is it the job of parents to teach manners to our kids?  Should it be an overt lesson or is teaching by example and hoping for transference the way to go?  Is it more challenging for today’s parent to raise polite children in what appears to be a less polite society?  Or is our society polite enough?

What’s your take?


Best of The Blogosphere #3

Nathalie and I both keep journals with our boys’ adorable musings and it’s undeniable that kids really do say some funny things.  But what about some of the funny things that we say?  There have been times when the words are leaving my mouth, I am thinking: I can’t believe that I am saying this!

Design Mom by way of Design Taxi was introduced to Nathan Ripperger’s art work.  Nathan takes things that parents cannot believe that they have said and creates funky wall posters based on the words.  I wonder what he could do with the time that I said this?

His artwork is available for sale on his Etsy website.  Be sure to visit!  What a great gift for Father’s Day!

Good manners will take you far in life.  Take a look at what 1000 Awesome Things had to say a while back.  A few weeks ago a gentleman and I pulled up to a 4-way stop at the same time.  Instead of scowling and booting it through the intersection before I had a chance to wave him through, he smiled at me and waved me through (unheard of in my neighbourhood!).  I waved my hand – no, no, you first- because I am fairly certain that he was there first.  And then he did something that made my day (clearly, it doesn’t take much): he smiled, put his hands together and bowed his head.  It’s amazing how a simple thank you can make someone feel good.

Having a rough day?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Here’s  a gentle reminder that the best mom, is true to herself, where she alphabetizes her spice rack or not.

And in case you just need a good cry, get your tissues ready and watch this: