Cocktail Hour

I know it’s only Monday, but when you read this recipe, you will want to plan ahead for the weekend!  I first had this delicious grapefruit-juice-based cocktail on a girls’ night out a month ago, and I liked it so much I’ve made it for guests every weekend since.  It’s really refreshing, and always a hit.  (I’ve actually been mixing virgin versions with leftover grapefruit juice between entertaining, I love it so much.)

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As I was leaving a big family dinner last night, I grabbed the bottle of vodka I’d brought for making pre-dinner cocktails.

“I’m taking my vodka back home with me!”

My mother-in-law responded, “I think you’d better.  You’ve got three kids who are about to begin summer holiday.”

Amen, sister!

Whether it’s the prospect of “I’m boooooored!”  three minutes after school’s out, or the occasion for a fun gathering, here’s what you’ll need to serve six:

six cocktail glasses (chilled in the freezer if you want to be really fancy and if your freezer in no way resembles mine: stuffed) and a cocktail shaker

six white or ruby grapefruit, washed (or a carton of grapefruit juice and just one fresh grapefruit for garnish)

six to twelve ounces of vodka or gin, depending how strong you like your cocktails

Angustora bitters (Ask for them at the grocery store.  They keep them hidden away.)


Take one of the grapefruit and slice six generous slices of peel from it.  Set aside slices.  Juice all of the grapefruit.  (Double strain the juice if you don’t like pulp.)  Rim each cocktail glass with a slice of peel and drop into the glass.  In the cocktail shaker over ice, mix one part vodka to two or three parts grapefruit juice, depending how strong you like your drinks.  Add one or two dashes of bitters.  Shake until mixture is well-chilled, and pour through strainer over the peel.  Repeat for each guest.

Watch the cocktail glass get all frosty and sip and savour.