Love is Better Than Anger

Jack Layton -- 1950-2012

poster by Stuart Thursby at www.

Yesterday, we lost Jack Layton, leader of the official opposition and Toronto champion. Though I had met Jack only a small handful of times, as a life-long Toronto resident, I can barely remember a time when he wasn’t a part of the political landscape of this city. I feel as if we’ve lost a favourite neighbour. I feel as if we’ve lost a friend.

Last night, still smarting from his death, I read Layton’s final letter to my boys, explaining to them what a remarkable man he was. In a world where cynicism and anger are commonplace, Layton’s last public words remind us all that we have good reason for optimism. We can be better. We can be better together. And so we will.


Regardless of your political views, his final letter to Canadians was inspiring.  To read it in its entirety click here.