The summer break continues (even though the weather is unaware of this fact!) but that doesn’t mean a hiatus from all-things educational.

Regular reading time continues at our house regardless of what the calendar tells us, and while the older boys are devouring the Canadian Flyer Series they still enjoy listening to picture books.  But then again are you ever too old for a picture book?

Enter, Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah.

Just saying those words is fun!

This beautifully illustrated picture book by Antonio Mugica and Hermann Mejia is a lyrical adventure about wizard-baker boy called upon to save a town from an angry dragon whose colour has turned from yellow to bright purple after an unfortunate cake-making incident.

While the text may be challenging for an emerging reader, the story itself makes for a perfect bedtime read . . . and the teacher in me can’t help but think what a great classroom choice this would be with an extension activity challenging students to re-write the book where Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah cooks up healthy alternatives instead of sugary-fare to entice the dragon.

We are heading to the library tomorrow to exchange our latest haul which included several of the Franklin series, too many books about squirrels and this clever book by Melaine Watt, a favourite author of my 5 year old. Take note Nathalie, a book about a book!

What have you been reading with your kids over this summer holiday?