Be the Good Cheer

I actually had a couple of ideas for a holiday time-saving post, but then realized that I would be writing for Dec 23.

Friends, I’m not bothering with a time-saving post because there is no time left to save.  I know there’s this little itty bitty day in between now and the big day, but really, for all intents and purposes, Christmas is upon us.

Although I once did all my Christmas shopping Christmas Eve (all thoughtful gifts, oh my!), now I’m going to suggest it’s time to let go.  Take a deep breath over a drive to the mall.  Opt for sleep and sanity, and save the sales.  Be the good cheer you were otherwise planning to bring, buy or bake.

From 4mothers to you, we wish you the best cheer the season has to offer.  Happy holidays!


The Elf on the Shelf

Last year we started a new family tradition.  After friends told me about a magical elf that inhabits their home every December, a sucker for all things Christmas (except for ghastly themed sweaters), I was intrigued.

I found The Elf On The Shelf at our local toy store and instantly loved the story and the whimsical character.  The book is a story about an elf, which spends the month of December living in your house. Each night he reports back to Santa about all of the goodness and love your children are spreading during the holiday season. Every morning your children look to find your little elf and “magically” they will find him in a new place.  To add to the magic, your children are not to touch this special elf – they can only look at him.

For some reason my boys find this exciting.  Each morning, before their advent chocolate (I told you, a sucker for all things Christmas – and yes, I let them eat a chocolate in the morning) they search for “Tad” (not my choice for a name) and tell him all about the exciting day to come.  When night falls, they return to report their day’s details and wish him a speedy journey to North Pole.

I know that I shouldn’t use Tad as a bargaining tool, but during the month of December, I am quick to say in the face of a temper tantrum: “Ooooh, it looks like Tad has reporting to do to Santa.”  It’s amazing ho quickly teeth get brushed, shoes get put on and toys get put away.

December is approaching and as Christmas festivities begin to pack the calendar, my boys have begun to ask after Tad.  They know that when he makes his appearance, Christmas is coming and that can only mean one thing . . .  a visit from the man in red himself.

Do you have any traditions that you started with your family?