DIY Organizer

It seems most fitting to follow-up Nathalie’s post yesterday about repurposing a well-worn cashmere sweater with my DIY necklace organizer.

I like things to be organized and orderly although admittedly I have ways to go because my boys don’t seem to be 100% in agreement with me as to what neat and tidy means.

I have thrown my hands up over the playroom and have adopted an attitude of “it’s their space so as long as I can run the vacuum over the carpet, it’s clean enough”. Nonetheless, I am always trying to keep clutter in the kitchen, closets and washrooms to a minimum.

I have been known to scour Pintrest in the past for ideas but I now limit the time I spend cruising this site because I have concluded that I feel woefully inadequate after about 5 minutes.  (Alphabetized spice racks? !)

I do enjoy receiving Martha Stewart’s Organization Tip of Day every morning to my inbox and a few months ago this DIY jewelry hanger was a feature. (image from


It’s simple to put together and now my necklaces are no longer in a heap atop my dresser but instead hanging clearly visible in my closet.

Here is my interpretation.  What do you think?

necklace 1

What’s your favourite organizing tip?  I find under the washroom sinks to be particularly challenging.