The Best of The Blogosphere

imgres-1Give yourself a break from holiday shopping, and rushing to complete the dreaded to-do list.  Indulge a few minutes in this edition of The Best of The Blogosphere.

So Wonder, So Marvelous has a lot to say about not being a super mom.  Moms of all kind rejoice – we’re all fabulous and we’re all doing it right!  Read this if you’re looking for a pick-me-up.

Maybe it’s my background in gerontology, but this series of emotive photographs will challenge you to see your elderly neighbour in a different light.  My favourite is the fourth in the series with the woman sitting at the vanity.  It makes reminds me of Carol’s post, On Gravity and Getting Older.  Which one speaks to you?

Every once in a while you need to read a love story that makes you swoon.  Helen and Les Brown, you’re the real deal!

Are women burning out?  Here’s some food for thought:  according to this infographic women are drowning as working mothers and we’re less happy today than we were in the 1970s.  What would Marion Cunningham have to say about that?

And if you’re looking for some controversy . . .

Theresa Albert, a Toronto nutritionist and blogger for In The Mabelhood suggests that people should take a lesson from kids and be more honest but is this too extreme?

Lisa Heffernan lists Nine Reasons I Regret Being a Stay at Home Mom on the blog Grown & Flown.  I would be lying if I said some of her sentiments did not ring true, but then again the grass is always greener.  I am going to re-read So Wonderful, So Marvelous.

Let’s end this edition of Best of The Blogosphere with a bit of humour.  How many of you can relate to this video?