What We’re Watching

Back-to-school stress sometimes doesn’t allow for many extra hours to devour a good novel and the telly has to do.

From Beth-Anne:


Whoever said that women are not funny, is just a complete moron. Amy Schumer proves that she can hold her own in the world of Blockbuster comedies with Trainwreck. I laughed (even though I knew at times it was painfully inappropriate to do so) out loud and many were of the snorting variety. Borderline jokes aside, I think Schumer, along with fellow actors and comediennes, Lena Dunham and Kristen Wiig are refreshing to see onscreen looking unapologetically female: “flaws” and all. (Just an aside . . .it irks me that Amy Schumer’s name is nowhere on the movie poster but instead it says “From the guy who brought you Bridesmaids”)


Technically, I didn’t watch this but I did listen to Amy Poehler read the unabridged version of her best-selling book Yes, Please! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this. My Fitbit logged serious steps as I pushed myself just one more block so that I could continue to listen to Poehler’s memoirs – often hilarious but always brutally honest. The way she describes wanting to eat her little boys leads me to believe that we’d be best friends if we met. Well, that and her unwavering dedication to raising-up a generation of women to be strong, confident and supportive of each other. She’ll have you saying “good for you, not for me” with gusto!

From Nathalie:

I just found out about Acorn TV.  It’s a subscription-based on-demand British TV streaming, vintage to recent productions, all for $4.99 a month.  In other words, I may never need to leave the house again.  Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence are the detecting duo in Partners in Crime, the show I’m most looking forward to seeing this fall.  It stars Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) and David Walliams.  As for the vintage, I can highly recommend Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect and the late John Thaw as Inspector Morse.  And that’s just the mysteries!


And for some fun with the kids, how about the wild and wacky Doctor Who?  I bought the boxed set of the first series of a recent incarnation ages ago, and we finally watched it Labour Day weekend.  Middlest, who I knew would love it, somehow got it into his head that it wasn’t for him (thus the long delay in watching the bought boxed set).  I insisted he try it, and, sure enough, he was hooked by the end of episode 1.  It’s got improbable plots and cheesy visual effects, in keeping with the original series, and I suspect that I will tire of it before he does, but we’re having fun so far!


From Carol

Set in Sao Paolo, The Second Mother revolves around live-in housekeeper and nanny Val (Regina Case), whose life of loyal service to another family and the social hierarchy it represents, is upset by the arrival of her estranged daughter.  The cast does everything it needs to, but the film belongs to Regina Case.  Foreign films can seem inaccessible to the casual viewer, but the craft, social precisision, and warmth of The Second Mother is for everyone.

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Not a movie, but a way of watching

As you may have gleaned from my review of Alan Bradley’s latest Flavia de Luce mystery, I get rather overzealous when it comes to things I love.  I am not moderate in my passions or in the speed of consumption of the things I love.  I throw myself into a book or a movie or a series or a hobby full tilt, and I pretty much don’t look up until it’s done.  I’ve read the occasional book that was so achingly good that I wanted to make it last longer and read it slowly, but the desire to gobble great things up usually wins out.  I’m a Wild Thing that way: I’ll eat you up, I love you so.

So, I don’t have a favourite romantic film so much as a favourite way of watching movies with my beloved: in great, greedy gulps.  We will have marathon sessions of watching a string of Prime Suspect or Inspector Morse dvds, of The Sopranos or Mad Men episodes, and, our first: The Lord of the Rings movies.  One of the great joys of the Christmas holidays in the years when those dvds were being released in December was to curl up and devour the four hours of extended movie and the bonus features discs!  The battle between good and evil is hardly a Hallmark Valentine Theme, but it was such fun to bond over our geeky zeal.  Even better than the high I get when settling in for a marathon session with a Sure Thing (entertainment-wise) is sharing that buzz with my husband.  The guilty pleasure is amplified, and we feed each other’s glee.  Nothing beats that for romance.

And another Sure Thing is on its way:  the third season of Game of Thrones!  I watched the first season on dvd when I was sick, and my husband would peek in and get pulled into the story.  Once I was over my flu, and had to return the dvds, I discovered that season two was available, so he ordered HBO just so that we could watch the second season on demand!  And we watched it in great, greedy, gleeful gulps.  The only problem with this long-awaited third season is, we will have to parcel it out like every one else, and watch it One.  Episode.  At.  A.  Time.