From the Mouths of Our Babes on Father’s Day

Okay, hubby, it’s our turn up to bat.  These are the answers to the first interviews I have ever conducted with our boys.  Why on earth has it taken me so long?  By the way, the baby’s answers are “aaaaahhhhh!”
Happy Father’s Day to you.  Even if you have a shirt that says, “Who are these kids and why are they calling me Dad?”
What is daddy made of?
3 year old:  I don’t know
6 year old:  Blood, bones, skin.
What kind of little boy was daddy?
3 year old:  A baby.  Pulling hair and holding onto hair.
6 year old:  He was excluded a lot.
What did daddy need to know about mommy before he married her?
3 year old:  I don’t know.
6 year old:  He had to make sure that he would be nice to you.
Why did daddy marry your mommy?
3 year old:  I don’t know.  Why did he marry you?
Me:  I think he loves me.
3 year old:  No, I don’t think he does.
6 year old:  Because he likes you.
Who’s the boss at our house?
3 year old:  I think Daddy is, because he plants tomatoes.
6 year old:  You.  Daddy.
Me:  Which one?
6 year old:  Both.
What’s the difference between moms and dads?
3 yaer old:  They’re made out of turtles.  I wish we were turtles, so someone could pet us.
6year old:  They don’t have the same privates.  And they don’t have the same body parts.  And they don’t like the same clothes.
What does daddy do in his spare time?
3 year old:  He doesn’t have work.  He drinks coffee.  And when he doesn’t drink coffee, he drinks tea.
6 year old:  He plays.  He plays the Lego game, he plays with Nat, then he teaches me how to have fun with a yo-yo.  He also lets us sometimes go to his work.  That’s mostly it.  I like what he does with me.  He goes fishing and stuff like that.
What would it take to make daddy perfect?
3 year old:  Not going to work.
6 year old:  Be off [work] a little bit more.

If you could change one thing about daddy, what would it be?

3 year old:  I don’t know.

6 year old:  It would be, he would speak a different language.

If daddy was a superhero/movie character/book character, which one would he be?
3 year old:  A good guy.
6 year old:  Maybe Spiderman.
Me:  How come Spiderman?
6 year old:  Because he wears red lots of the time.
What is dad’s job?
3 year old:  He plays squash.
6 year old:  Working.  Teaching squash.
What should we celebrate about dad on Father’s day?
3 year old:  Because we never did Father’s Day.
6 year old:  Make him a nice craft while he’s at work.

What’s your favourite thing about dad?

3 year old:  Because he plants tomatoes and potato plants.  I want to see if there are any potato bugs.

6 year old:  He does lots of good fun stuff.