Guest Post: Jennifer Flores on DIY

jenniferWe are thrilled to have as our guest today Jennifer Flores.  Blogging since 2007, Jennifer is the writer behind Rambling Renovators, a chronicle of the renovations, DIY adventures, creative projects, and home life she shares with her husband and daughter at their home in Toronto. Offline, Jennifer focuses on bringing the blogging community and lifestyle brands together as the Founder and driving force behind BlogPodium, Canada’s Conference for Lifestyle and Design Bloggers.


I’ve always been a DIYer. From the time I would make clothes for my dolls to now when I make felt food for my daughter’s play kitchen, I’ve always found joy in doing and making things myself. But in this world of Pinterest and Instagram where your feeds are filled with picture-perfect projects from seemingly over-achieving women, that joy can be short-lived.

Where we once derived pleasure from the simple act of learning a skill and using it to create something uniquely ours, nowadays the pleasure might not come until after our home-baked meal/Christmas craft/upcycled thrift store find generates likes and repins from dozens of strangers. And I think that’s when doing it yourself becomes a don’t. Social media has really allowed us to expand our ideas of what’s possible. I’ve been inspired by countless projects on Pinterest. I’ve dusted off the sewing machine, wielded the glue gun, and mastered the miter saw because others have done it so why can’t I? And that’s a good thing! It should be good enough. But still.

There is that feedback loop now that didn’t exist before. The need not only to do the thing but to share it as well. Increasingly, Doing It Yourself does not necessarily mean Doing It For Yourself. As a blogger, I’m well aware of the currency a clever and well-executed DIY brings: comments, page views, re-pins. Even in offline life, there is satisfaction in saying “Oh this? I made it myself”. When you start to seek that external acceptance though, you set standards that might be impossible to meet.

Then there’s the idea that DIY is somehow a step backwards, a regression to times when there was an expectation for a woman to be domestic. When did DIY become a four-letter word? To me, DIY is a choice and in some ways, an inevitability. If I’ve been given the skills and natural talents to be able to craft and create things, shouldn’t I do just that? My inability to throw a football is just as strong as my ability to throw a stylish fete. Neither of these define me as more or less of a person. It just is. I think DIY is just another facet of one’s personality, expressed in physical form. Just like we all have a singer and a painter inside of each of us (albeit at different levels of ability), we all have a DIYer inside us. And when one chooses to express that ability, online or offline, I think it’s a very beautiful thing.



4Mothers Is Making Some Changes And Staying The Same

imgres-1Yesterday Nathalie touched on our experience at BlogPodium and that we left that conference feeling so motivated to grow 4Mothers.  We want to continue to strive to make it your favourite place on the web where moms (and dads too!) come to be inspired, consider a different perspective, have a laugh, and feel connected with other parents.

BlogPodium is the brainchild of Jennifer Flores and together with her incredibly talented team they put together a conference that delighted all of the senses.  From the elegant and whimsical décor, to the tasty lunch, to the all-star line-up of dynamic speakers, the conference was a wonderful event.

And being there prompted us to make a decision:  we need to join this (not so) new generation of savvy social media-istas!

We are now on Facebook, you can find us here!

We are on Twitter and promise not to clutter-up your feed with “noise” – only tips and notes that we really think are useful or interesting.  Follow us here!

And we are on Pinterest!  We are striving to bring more colour and photos to 4Mothers to inspire those of you who are more visual.  Follow us on Pinterest for ideas that will make your life easier – no fussy, unattainable ideals.  We promise!

One of the best parts about blogging is being a part of a greater creative community.  We plan to continue to introduce new guests to you and are excited to share with you the blogs we discovered at Blog Podium.  Here are some of our favourites!

Corinna Wraps A blog dedicated to all things gift wrap: original tips, inspiration, products and projects.

Just Bella Is a beautiful lifestyle blog where mom Christine strives to bring beauty and creativity to her life.

The Homeslice DIY projects, entertaining and finding her footing as a first-time mom is what Emilija dedicates her blog to.

bee + daddoo These two work-at-home moms and friends always have their cameras handy.  Follow these two women as they extend the privacies of their friendship with their readers.

Trix & Trumpet  Allyson is your go-to for all things party!

We will continue to focus on content, and we hope that you will continue to encourage us and share your voice by commenting and tweeting.

What do you love most about 4Mothers?  What would you like to see more of on this blog?  Let us know so that we can bring the best in content to you!