If it isn’t snowsuits….

slide2imageIf it isn’t snowsuits, it’s sunscreen.

Although this winter felt like the winter that would never end, we are well into spring now, and that means more hours under the thinning ozone in the sun and in the dirt.  I am no fan of sun or summer, I have to say, being allergic to the sun myself and averse to the morning battles with the kids over sunscreen.  I know that I am in the minority, wishing for winter again, but these sunscreen battles give me the blues.  (Readers!  Please tell me what you do!!)  Eldest spent 15 minutes Sunday trying to argue his way out of sunscreen.  I wanted to tear my hair out.

At least washing it all off at the end of the day has been joyful.

The folks at Kandoo sent us some samples of their kids’ line, and my youngest kids are loving their shampoo and bubble bath.

“Mmmmm.  This smells good!” Littlest says as he lathers up and washes away the sunscreen and the grime of the dusty days.  Middlest agrees whole heartedly.  No coaxing, no wheedling from me.  No complaining, no hesitation from them.

Lather, rinse, reapeat has never been so easy.

Now, if only someone could recommend sunscreen they would so gleefully smear on….