Lunch Box Notes

When he was in Kindergarten, my son’s teacher suggested that we send a little note to school with his snack.  The note was intended not just to send our love, but to promote reading.  The idea was that he would be highly motivated to read because it was a note from home.  We did that on and off, and it was a hit. 

He’s now in Grade 1, and reading with much more fluency and enthusiasm, and he surprised me yesterday by asking me to start writing him notes again.  It’s a lovely little gesture that makes us both feel good, so of course I did. 

Now, I have to say that the lunch box is the nexus of an awful lot of tension  these days.  He will eat all the crackers, but none of the fruit.  And I have to call that a good day, because he will often come home having eaten exactly one nibble of bread all day.  A mouse would starve on that. 

So I was thrilled to discover these cute mini lunch note cards and stickers from Chronicle Books.  There are little stickers to put on the different containers of food.  Stickers that say things like “eat this first” and “check this out” and “your favourite.”  I love, love, love that there are stickers to do my nagging for me!  And there are little note cards to send little messages of love, not nagging.  Fingers crossed for more empty lunch containers…..