Looking For Something To Do: North Toronto Splash Pad Edition

Looking for something to do with the kids this summer to beat the heat?  Why not try out a city splash pad?

Toronto is spotted with great splash pads and wading pools that make cooling off with little ones easy-peasy.  I recently discovered Hendon Park, which is definitely not new since my nephews used to romp in and out of the spraying palm trees more than a dozen years ago.

The large spray pad contains several palm trees which rain water down and just as many fountains that shoot streams high overhead.  An adjacent patch of sprayers is available for the littlest ones looking for some fun, which makes taking kids of various ages just a bit easier.

Next to the water attraction is a decent sized park with swings, climbers and public tennis courts.  Washrooms are free to use so you don’t have to worry about cutting the trip short to use the potty.  But since I have boys, who view the world as their tree, we rarely have this problem!

Bring a blanket, some snacks and grab a spot in the plentiful shade and enjoy a day with friends.

More information about Hendon Park including directions click here.

Melanie On The Go offers her review of Hendon Park here.

For a complete location of Toronto’s splash pads click here.

Where are the best splash/spray pads in your neighbourhood?  

photo credit: http://www.melanieotg.ca


Help! What to do with these kids!?

Stuck on what to do with the kids?  Are the summer days feeling long?  Searching for the perfect activity to do with the family this weekend?

Melanie On The Go to the rescue!

I stumbled across this great website, where Melanie, a mom of two, reviews hot-spots for kiddies in the greater Toronto area.  She gives a complete over view of parks, splash pads, amusement parks and farms complete with pros and cons, which makes planning a whole lot easier.

Melanie’s site is perfect for families with little ones but for kids who have outgrown wading pools and kindergym, check out these websites that I look to for a little inspiration:





Click on About Town and Things to Do With a Boy (on the Categories menu) for some other suggestions from the 4mothers.

How about you?  What are some of your go-to websites?  If you live outside of the GTA share the wealth and let us know where to go, someone might be visiting your town!

photo credit: http://www.livingmymoment.com