Hup Nederland!

In honour of my husband’s half-Dutch heritage, I will be painting my toenails orange this weekend, in support of the Dutch in this year’s World Cup Final. I’ll be missing the game as I’m at a dear friend’s baby shower, but Peter and the boys will be joining with the rest of the family to watch the game and cheer on the Netherlands to what I’m sure will be a convincing victory.

I’m not a betting woman, but if I were, I know where I’d look for guidance: the animal world has weighed in on their picks for World Cup Champion 2010. Mani the parakeet has picked the Netherlands as the eventual winner (and wouldn’t you trust a 70-year old parakeet?) while the infamous Paul the Octopus has set his tentacles on Spain. Rumour has it that the Greek team (now with little to do, unfortunately for the other side of my husband’s family) have slipped the Dutch a recipe for octopus; in this case, revenge might well be a dish best served marinated and grilled with some retsina on the side.