Best of the Blogosphere

home-office-336378_640The Internet is chock-full of information and entertainment and everything in between.  We like to share with you some of our favourite posts –sometimes whimsical, sometimes wonderful and always worth the second or so it takes to read.

From Beth-Anne

When my boys were infants I could sit and watch them sleep for hours.  Most of the time, I was marveling at the fact that I. Made. Them. When they were toddlers and would fall asleep, I would steal quick wistful glances at their sleeping pudgy faces but mostly, I prayed they wouldn’t wake up.  Now every night before I can go to sleep, I have to peek at them deep in slumber.  There is something so peaceful about watching them sleep.  On more than one occasion I have been brought to tears; overcome by emotion.  When this video of Theo (The Dog) and Beau (The Toddler) Star In A Naptime Love Story, I found it adorable (as did the hundreds of thousands of other people) but I also longed for those toddler days when I didn’t really appreciate their boundless energy and blissful sleep.

Do you know anyone who is pregnant?  Or has just recently had a baby?  No Airbrushing Allowed: This Is What a Mother’s Body Really Looks Like by photographer Jade Beall is mandatory viewing.  Similar to 4th Trimester Bodies photographed by Ashlee Wells Jackson that I told you about in the last Best of The Blogosphere, this collection of images is an intimate reveal of what a woman’s body is capable of and how beautiful it can be – even post-baby.

Very few people know this about me but I have strong views on baby names and this article by Drew Magary for GQ sums up all of my points quite nicely from Do Not Invent A Name to Don’t Abuse The Letter y.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know by now that I have a renewed interest in all things green and the environment.  While I am not about to ditch my deodorant or make my own shampoo, just yet, I have taken to subscribing to takepart an Eco blog.  Way back in January they featured this incredible story about recycled cans being morphed into furniture.  Check it out – you won’t believe it!

I am not a single parent, but I enjoyed reading 10 Things I Love About Single Parenting by Maria Mora.  Single parents: Did this one resonate with you?

From Nathalie

Snark.  Good snark.  Clever snark.  The internet is great for providing it.

I recently discovered a great blog called Manfeels Park, a wonderfully snarky mash-up of Jane Austen and feminism, in which Austen’s men try to mansplain gender politics.  Not to be missed!

And in a similar vein, check out this great series of annotations of painting of women listening to men.  Priceless.

So do you see what I mean

yeah i definitely understand 

because its kind of complicated

no I’m with you 

ill explain it again

Decidedly not snarky, but ever so cute: birthday cakes inspired by classic kids’ books.  Via Cake Wrecks, a great (usually snarky) place to go when your baking goes wrong.

Do you know of something that has to make the Best of The Blogosphere list?  Send it to us!  Our next list will be published in October.::

A reminder that voting is open for the best mom blog of 2014, for which we are thrilled to have been nominated.

Please head over to Toronto Mom Now and check out the other nominees.  You can vote for your favourite three.  Voting closes on Monday, July 14.


Best of the Blogosphere


Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22 and Kitchen Counter Chronicles recently blogged the ABC’s of Raising Eco-Friendly Kids.  As parents isn’t it our duty to leave our planet in better shape for our children and grandchildren?  What better way than to instill strong eco-values in our kids at an early age.

Thirteen year-old Gregory received an iPhone for Christmas.  His mother Janell Burley Hofmann gifted that phone along with this contract of use.  Janell offers her son words of wisdom along with terms and conditions, such as never take pictures of your private parts (that will come back to haunt you) and never text/email anything you wouldn’t say to that person’s face.  I am book-marking this for the future!

My days wouldn’t be complete without reading Yoonanimous.  Whether it’s her hilarious telling of ski day with her kids or the lack of romance between her and her husband, Yoonanimous is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.  Her recent trip to Vegas with her kids had me firmly believing that she and I are living parallel lives on the opposite sides of the continent.

Nathalie sent me 100 Ways to be Kind to your Child by Creative with Kids and it serves as a touching reminder that connecting with our children is the most important job that we have as parents.  Kindness can get side-lined when tired gives way to irritability and incessant whining takes it toll but listening to that long-winded explanation of my this Ninjago guy is better than that Ninjago guy, shows that you care.  I printed off the list and keep it at my bedside to remind myself to slow down and be more present.  Numbers 90, 91 and 92 should be my mantra.

Because it’s Friday and because it’s snowing here (yes, still!), let’s end the week off with a laugh.  Check out the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer.  What’s so funny, you ask?  Read the reviews!