Red Fish, Blue Fish Creative Cafe

Our summer rambles took us to Red Fish, Blue Fish Creative Café on Harbord Street the other day.  It is a café designed for children with adults in tow.  In that order.  The limited (but delicious!) menu includes toast and jam, though no green 1052187_348238695305049_1519146928_oeggs and ham.  There is a diaper changing station stocked with supplies.  There is a wall of books and board games to borrow.  Best of all, there is an entire corner devoted to making art, stocked with all manner of supplies, including googly eyes, and a resident grown-up will even sit and make art with your kids while you sip lattes.  I will happily be the grown-up in tow to that café again and again.

I overheard one of the staff telling a story about a man in a suit walking in and bumping into a child who was on her way out.  “Are kids allowed in here?!” he asked in an alarmed voice.

“Yes, we encourage people with kids to come in,” she replied.

“Oh, then I don’t think I’ll be able to have my coffee here,” he said, and looked as if he expected her to do something about the presence of children in a café geared for children.

“Be gone, Grinch!” say I.  We will hope that your heart will grow three sizes one day, but in the mean time, I am savouring the anticipation of a return trip to a mommy oasis in the city.