Friday Fun: Escher’s Relativity in Star Wars Lego

This week’s Friday Fun post will have your small Star Wars lego fans wishing that they sold this set at Toys R Us, and your large Star Wars fans wishing they had this much time and creativity. I can’t help but be impressed with this reproduction of M.C. Escher’s Relativity made entirely with Star Wars lego. Created by Paul Vermeesch, this 1x1x1 foot model recreates the original Star Wars Trilogy, in order, counter-clockwise from the top left of the model. And it lights up. We’ve featured creative uses of Star Wars lego here at 4mothers before (not including the creative way they’re often left on the floor of the 4mothers’ living rooms) but this takes the prize for full-out lego geekery. It’s awesome.

Be sure to check out the other photos of the model posted by Paul on his webpage because the level of detail in this model is amazing.

Photo credit: Paul Vermeesch at