I Did It!!!

Rack-a-thonI did it!  Yesterday I completed the three hour Rack-A-Thon fitness challenge benefitting Rethink Breast Cancer.  Track Fitness hosted the event and each participant blasted their way through a 1 hour treadmill/weight circuit, 1 hour intense spinning session and 1 hour power yoga.

The instructors are top notch and pushed and pushed and pushed me to do my absolute best!  My legs are screaming at me this morning and all I want to do is watch a movie on the couch but my two-year old is making sure that I don’t sit for more than 30 seconds.

Toward the end of the spin, the instructor blasted the Melissa Etheridge song I Run For Life and asked us to think about who were dedicating our challenge to.

There wasn’t a time during the three hour session that I didn’t think about my very good friend, recently diagnosed with cancer, who has shown more courage and optimism and strength in the past year than anyone I know.  She has always been an inspiration and will always be someone that I greatly admire.




On Saturday, January 26, I will be participating in an urban triathlon benefitting Rethink Breast Cancer.  The Rack-A-Thon is a three-hour fitness challenge: one hour of spinning, intense circuit training and yoga.

Rethink Breast Cancer is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and offering resources and assistance to young families affected by the disease.  Founded in 2001, Rethink uses its savvy marketing to inspire a new generation of philanthropy and activism.

A friend had posted the Rack-A-Thon link on her Facebook and on a whim, I clicked on the pink icon to learn more.  It was impulsive but I made the commitment . . .  and now that it’s only a few weeks away, I am starting to wonder, do I have what it takes or will this Rack make me a wreck?

In an effort to be successful (and procrastinate from my training) I Googled tips to completing fitness goals and I found this list.

1.    Make it part of your routine

Check.  I can do this.   I have almost two hours in the morning when all three kids are at school.

So long as no one has an episode of explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, a raging fever, croup, chronic nighttime cough, or develop some weird and unexplainable rash that would prevent them from going to school, I can use this time to train.

I should be able to log a solid three or four mornings over the five weeks.

2.    Give yourself permission to spend time on you

Check.  I give myself permission to spend time on myself all of the time – it’s the little people in my life who aren’t on board!

3.    Set realistic goals

5 weeks to train for an hour of spin, yoga and circuit.  That sounds realistic, right?

4.    Buddy-up

Check.  It took little convincing to get my fitness-junkie sister-in-law on board.  She is always game for a good butt kickin’ and her enthusiasm is good motivation.

5.    Keep your eyes on the prize

Check.  Thinking about the many women and their families who benefit from Rethink make my sweat seem paltry in comparison to their bravery.

6.    Make it convenient

Is anything convenient when you have three kids?

7.    Fit in work-outs even in your off days

Check.  I have three live-in personal trainers who ensure that I never sit for more than a few minutes.

8.    Keep it fun

Cardio = Just Dance 4 = Fun

9.    Support your goal by getting sleep and eating well

Check.   I can do this.

So long as no one has an episode of explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, a raging fever, croup, chronic nighttime cough, or develop some weird and unexplainable rash that would prevent them from sleeping, I can use this time to catch up on my z’s.

With our recent track record, I am sure that getting adequate sleep will prove no problem at all. *

*Said dripping with sarcasm and rolling eye

10. Reward yourself

The reward will be completing the challenge and knowing that the funds I have helped to raise will go towards Rethink Breast Cancer’s education, support and research programs.

Check back or follow us on Twitter on Saturday, January 26 for a play-by-play of how I am faring!  Do you want to join me and participate in the Rack-A-Thon?  Check out Rethink Breast Cancer for more information.

Wish me luck!