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It Takes a Village

One of the very best shower gifts my husband and I received when my eldest son was born was a voucher for a catering company (which has, sadly, since gone out of business).  It was all organic, homemade fare, healthy and delicious, but of course, the real gift was the gift of time and peace of mind.  On several nights in those first few crazy weeks, we did not have to think about what to make for dinner.  We could, instead, spend even more time getting to know the massive bundle of baby we had come home with.

One of the families at Rowan’s playschool has recently welcomed a new addition, and the families who form the co-op community got organized to make and deliver meals.   It is such a simple idea, and one which perhaps in our idealized sense of simpler times, may have happened naturally in a community when a baby arrived.  In the middle of the city and of busy lives, though, we sometimes forget how simple gestures can accumulate great power to make a neighbour’s life easier.  After a few organizing emails this family now has a roster of dinners arriving over the next two weeks.  Nourishment for body and soul.

If you are looking for an idea for a shower gift, try organizing a meals on wheels.  Pool resources and invest in a gift certificate for a meal delivery company, or organize neighbours to feed the family.  After both receiving and participating in this kind of thing, I can tell you that fewer things are more welcome, or more easy, than being part of the village that welcomes a child.