Done with the Detox

detox-684107__180So I’ve finished my detox (mentioned here and here, and had to tell you about it. I don’t have wise or witty words, but I can say this: it was really good!

I mean, it wasn’t always fun during the process, and I did get tired of smoothies (and when I did, I ate some other detoxed thing without guilt – the detox is my tool, and I’ll employ it as I will!). But overall, it did pretty much what I hoped it would do. It helped dislodge some annoying habits of over-eating and eating for pacification. It gave me a health boost – and although I sometimes felt unsatisfied after eating, I absolutely felt better while I was doing it. I was less tired and sleepy, my belly felt like it was resting, and I felt physically lighter (and yes, I lost a couple of pounds – I don’t own a scale but my pants told me so).

What the detox didn’t do: give me perfect clarity about how each “toxic” food affects me. This is not the detox’s fault, but the result of me not following it to the letter – my re-introduction of toxic foods in the last week was supposed to be gradual to see how each toxin interacts with the body, but I sometimes combined foods when re-introducing (like eating pizza, which combines gluten and cheese).  See note above on it’s my tool.

But I think, having been off it for a couple of weeks, that most problematic for me is gluten.  As I expected, I’m not intolerant to (or any other foods, for that matter), but I do feel kind of sluggish when I have wheat. Probably this is just because I eat more wheat than dairy or sugar, but whatever the reason, it doesn’t feel great. I can honestly say that I would not have thought seriously of restricting gluten before the detox.  But now it seems naturally to look upon gluten like a treat, and save it for the times that it’s really worth eating, as opposed to the morning, noon and night staple it can easily be.

What else the detox didn’t do: it hasn’t prevented me from reverting to some old habits, as of course no temporary diet ever does.  Accordingly, I don’t feel quite as good as I did during the detox. But I was encouraged the other night talking to my husband who detoxed along with me.  He said that if, during the detox, he moved ahead eight steps with improved eating habits, then now he’s stepped back maybe six steps.  He said this with some satisfaction.  I love this glass half full approach.  I thought, hey, I’ve gained at least two steps too, maybe even three!

And then I remembered that during my detox, I started walking 7 kilometres with a friend every Tuesday morning. Maybe that ought to count as a step. And I’m trying to springboard from there to make my Friday morning yoga intentions real:  indubitably, another step.

Some people leap. As it turns out, I step. So be it.

Would I ever do another detox? Sure. Maybe it will be another step in the right direction.