Lunch Box Blues and Dinners on the Run

I love everything about back-to-school time, except for packing school lunches.  I hate packing school lunches.  This is due, in large part, to the fact that my boys don’t like easy lunch box items or are allergic to them (nut butters, yogurt, muffins, granola bars, meat, fish, most forms of cheese, any fruit that will go soft during the day).  You begin to see how my options get limited.


This week, 4 mothers will be sharing quick and easy lunch box and dinner ideas.  Please join in and leave us your go-to recipes in the comments.

This one was a surprise life-saver last year: spinach dip.  It’s bright, bright green, a fact that I was sure would turn my boys off, but a mother at playschool made it for the kids’ snack, and my son loved it, so it became a staple in his lunch box. 

In a blender, whiz a cup of fresh baby spinach, a clove of garlic (cooked if you want to take the bite off), a tablespoon of cream cheese and half a cup of cottage cheese.  Blend until smooth.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with veggie sticks and a mini-croissant or mini-bagel.

Something different and healthy and quick.