It’s Hip to be Square

Fine German engineering….in a square chocolate bar designed in 1932 by Clara Ritter to fit into a jacket pocket without breaking.  Who else would have such a neatly organized stack of chocolate?  This Ritter Sport stack is my kind of cross-section!

Inspired by the images I had seen on Things Organized Neatly, I went in search of this picture of my favourite chocolatey square.  And I found so much more than I had bargained for!

Ritter Sport has a museum devoted to the square.  I kid you not. 

MUSEUM RITTER was founded for the wide-ranging art collection that has been amassed by Marli Hoppe-Ritter, the co-owner of the RITTER SPORT company. The museum opened its doors to the public in September 2005. The theme of the collection is the square in recent and contemporary art, while the goal of the museum is to exhibit the collection and bring it to the public eye. … As a private institution, MUSEUM RITTER is devoted to the presentation and promotion of chiefly geometrical abstract art.

Inspired by this find, I set out to make the square the centre of our art projects for today, with help from this great book:

Part of a series (You guessed it; circle and triangle round out the trilogy.), these are fabulous books to get the creative juices flowing.  There are step-by-step instructions for how to go from a square to a penguin (see cover above).  What I love about these books is their no-nonsense, low-error-for-margin approach.  A wonderful resource for inspiring your little da Vincis.