Super Stocking Stuffers

I am going to take a page from Jenny’s Books, and say, without any trace of humility, “I am a good gift giver.”  I know that this is not the season to blow one’s own horn, but the angels’ trumpets won’t do this justice.  I am just that good a gift giver.  Partly, this is because I shop all year for Christmas, so there is usually very little of the last-minute scramble that can lead to a bad gift choice.  Partly, it’s because I shop by theme and am always keeping an eye out for the themes that recur in our lads’ lives.  (Hockey, Lego, hockey, Lego.)

Here are some of my favourite finds for the boys’ stockings this year.  (Please don’t tell them!)

Lego Cutlery for the Lunchboxlego

Well, in a house of Lego-lovers, sometimes you have to just go with the theme.  The theme in the past has included Lego erasers, Lego mini-figure ice trays, and Lego sticker books.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

imagesCAH1S8TQIf you google “hot chocolate on a stick” you can even find instructions for how to make it yourself!  (It makes a great teacher’s gift.)


Dragon Hand Puppet Tattoos

There is a whole line of these temporary tattoos, but these are my favourite, hands down (ha!).

hockey tape

Novelty Hockey Tape

Easy and useful.

jelly babies

Jelly Babies

Oh, OK.  These are mostly for me.  A trip down memory lane to the England of my youth.  I want the kids to love them, too, though, so I keep putting them in the stockings each year!  I have yet to convert them to the joys of dandelion and burdock, however.

d and b