Spring Cleaning: Ways To Store Sporting Equipment

imgresIt’s springtime.  Every springtime mothers in my neighbourhood groan about what a pain it is to pack away the winter sporting equipment and retrieve the soccer, baseball, tennis, golf and basketball paraphernalia.  The switch-over isn’t what causes fits of swearing, it’s the storage of said items, or more accurately the lack thereof.

If you’re reading this and rolling your eyes about “first world problems”, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Now, onto solving my dilemma.

Thankfully, I do not have to contend with hockey equipment like my friend, Nathalie, but I do have skis and toboggans and some skates that need storing and a plethora of balls of all types, racquets – badminton, tennis and squash for every member of the family, golf clubs galore, soccer nets, scooters, bikes and trikes, helmets, bubble machines, “lawn mowers”, sprinklers, bases and cleats that need to be at the ready.  My God, the cleats!

I grew up in the suburbs were space was never an issue.   Everyone had ample room in their garages for two cars AND all of their stuff but now I live in the city where space is at a premium. My friends drool over closet space like it’s porn.

I have been researching all sorts of storage ideas and basically, unless you have cash to burn or LOTS of space to start with, many of these ideas are useless.   You can see my feeble attempt at solving this problem on our Pinterest board, click here.

Most likely I will resort to the method that is tried and true: the clear plastic bin.

Please share!  What are your equipment storing tips?