Each year the Oxford English Dictionary legitimizes words and allows them to be included in its pages (and included in the on-line version – which by the way, is a site worth exploring).  Last year words such as bromance, staycation and defriend made the cut.

I’m no Shakespeare or Mark Zuckerberg but I know what word needs to be included in the 2011 edition.

Forleft – verb, (fer-left)

Origin: My soon to be three-year-old son first coined this term in late 2010.  Exact date is unknown but it is thought to be a combination word using both forgot and left (as in, left behind).


  1. “Oh no!  I forleft my backpack at school.”
  2. “I think I forleft it upstairs.”
  3. “Did you forleft it, mommy?”

It’s no frenemy but this word could revolutionize excuses and that makes it, genius!

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